Rules and Regulations~

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Rules and Regulations~

Post  Shinea on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:29 pm

Welcome to Dawn of Sparta! The best Guild on GodsWar--

Rules and Guidelines

I. Anyone who has less than 5k [5000 Silver] contribution has 3-4 days maximum without logging on before being kicked.
II. Anyone who is an Insider or above and doesn't log on for 8 days, without informing the Leader or an Officer beforehand will be kicked.

  1. If the absence (has been informed with a "mostly invalid" reason,) exceeds 8 days and interferes with the Guild activities, the member will be demoted.
  2. The member will be promoted back again upon their return and resumption of all guild activities and contributions.
  3. Anyone below Insider cannot use a "mostly invalid" reason.
  4. If the guild needs more slots and the member has reached 8 days they are kicked.
    III. Anyone who doesn't do Guild Quests for 3 days, but has logged on within 2 days will be demoted.
  5. 2 days after the first demotion the member will be demoted a second time. 2 days after the second demotion the member will be kicked.
  6. Donating silver/gold instead of doing GQ will be accepted.

All members, whether they are showing their guild tag or not, represent DoS and as such they are expected to act accordingly. Misrepresentation will not be allowed and each perpetrating member will be dealt with accordingly.
  1. DoS members are your guild mates, and hopefully friends, and they should be treated as such.
  2. No bad mouthing the guild, the way it's ran or in any other way.
  3. Absolutely no disrespecting Officers. Vice Leaders have full permission to kick any member that breaks one of the rules above.

Promotions are done with several different factors in mind. The higher the promotion, the higher the standards and the responsibility.
  1. Becoming an Insider requires 10k silver minimum contribution, 200 gold contribution and a post to introduce yourself to the rest of the guild. Please make your own thread.
  2. Becoming an Elite requires 20k silver minimum contribution, 400 gold contribution and ten posts on the official DoS forums.
  3. Becoming a Director requires 50k silver minimum contribution, 1000 gold contribution, 20 posts on the official DoS forums, being active in the game as well as the guild and displaying good character.
  4. Becoming a Vice Leader requires substantial contribution, being active in the game as well as the guild, displaying good character and levelheadedness, either a vouchment from another VL or nomination brought up by other Officers and Elite members and taking on a specific job.

4. Alternate Characters -
Only a limited amount of alts will be allowed in guild and they are expected to follow each rule listed below.
  • 1. Before an alt will be allowed in the guild that member's main character has to be level 65+, reached Elite status in the guild and they must already be active in the guild.
  • 2. All alts need to be registered with a Vice Leader or the Leader prior to joining. If an alt is already in the guild it still needs to be registered. All alts must be registered. Period. Post here.
  • 3. Once an alt is in the guild they must do at least 1 kill quest and the message quest per day.
  • 4. An alt will be kicked if they don't log within 3 days.
  • 5. If it's found out that someone does have an alt and hasn't said anything prior to joining then they're kicked.

Jobs are performed by Vice Leaders and Directors. They are first come, first serve. Some are restricted to Vice Leader only.
  • Recruiting - Open to all Officers
  • Inactives and Contribution - Eres
  • Altar Management - Yuske
  • Newbie Guide - Open to all Directors/Officers
  • Guild Group Management - Shinea
  • Guild Loans - Ganesha

Altars are advanced depending on Guild activity and the discretion of the VL in charge of them.

Concerns, Suggestions and Complaints are to be made to the Leader or a Vice Leader.
  1. If it specifically involves a Director or higher it is to be reported to the Leader to be handle. Elite or lower can be handled by a Vice Leader.

  • Respect one another! No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. If you don't like someone, just ignore or warn (by Private Message) a MOD.
  • Nooo spam (except in the Spam Forum), we're not here to clean messes constantly, but to have fun!
  • Post in the respected Forum! Do not start a conversation in the Introductions or talk about your Papa in suggestions per exemple.

Enjoy your stay within the Guild--

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