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Pet System

Post  Shinea on Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:41 pm

Ever found yourself wandering through the land of GodsWar Online and wondered when you'll find a loyal companion to accompany you? Well, GWO pets are here! What's fun about a pet and how does the pet system work? Let's take a quick look first.

To Obtain a Pet
1. As long as players reach Level 10, they are qualified to accept "The First Pet" quest.
2. Accept the quest from the Newbie Guide in the suburbs and submit it to the Pet Master to claim a Flower Pixie Egg.
3. Right click the Egg and obtain a Flower Pixie. Open the Pet panel to view the pet's information.

In the future, players can purchase a pet egg directly from NPCs, so please keep a close eye on our site for details!

Raise a Pet
All players have the chance to change their pet's name once. After that, they need a Renaming Stone.

The pet's satiety, amity and lifetime can be checked on the Pet panel. Feed the pet to increase its satiety and amity. The table below lists some pet food.

Fresh Grass
Complete quests or purchase from Props Merchant
600 Silver
Increase a pet's satiety by 10 and amity by 10

Purchase from Props Merchant
1200 Silver
Increase a pet's satiety by 20 and amity by 20

Epoptic Mushroom
Purchase from Item Mall
24 Gold
Increase a pet's satiety by 40 and amity by 40

Magic Fungus
Purchase from Item Mall
60 Gold
Increase a pet's satiety by 100 and amity by 100.

When a pet's satiety<40/amity=0/lifetime=0, it cannot be summoned.

Pets' Breeding
At present, players will obtain a pet of random gender. Female pets will have a chance of giving birth to baby pets at random times, however, this function hasn't been released yet.

Upgrading a Pet
This function is not accessible in the current version, we will be releasing it soon.

Pets' Talent
Random Event
Your pet may initiate all kinds of interesting random events when it is summoned. For example, it may pick up Gold or items while taking a walk or bring extra Exp for players while attacking monsters… Amazing! Come get your pet now!

Not all pets have a talent, in accordance with a pet's attributes and abilities, different pets will have their own special features.

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