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Guild Introduction

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For most people, making friends and sharing their stories and experience is what makes an online game fun. The Guild System of GodsWar Online provides a place where players can chat with each other and construct their guild together, as well as receiving abundant rewards.

Create a Guild
As long as players get a “Guild Stone”, they can find the Guild Registrar and apply to create a guild with it. The “Guild Stone” can be purchased from NPCs or monsters. Enter a guild name and the guild will be founded, surely, the creator of the guild will become the Guild Lord. The maximum starting population of a guild is 40, but this can be increased by upgrading guild buildings. The Guild Lord is able to invite other players to join the guild and appoint them in various positions.

Guild’s Authority
Guild members may send messages via the Guild channel and each member will have a unique guild title.
The guild title is based on the member’s guild position. The guild position includes Lord, Deputy, Director, Elite, Insider and Member. The guild title should be “Guild Name + Guild Position”. If a guild’s name is “Greek Star”, then the member’s title will be “Greek Star + Lord”, “Greek Star + Deputy”...

Rights of each position:
Lord: There can be only one lord in a guild. The lord has the right to appoint, recruit and kick out members and is also able to release the guild quests. If the lord wants to delete his character or quit the guild, he should pass his position to another first.
Deputy: There are four deputies in a guild. Excluding the lord, a deputy has the most rights, like recruiting and deleting members and releasing the guild quests.
Director: In general, a director can recruit new members and release the guild quests.
Elite: A senior member has no special rights.
Insider: A junior position has the basic rights.
Member: The bottom people of the guild. Normally, they are demoted insiders.

Guild Buildings
1. Basic Buildings
Guild Footstone: A guild is based on the guild footstone and the guild level must be in accordance with the footstone level, so before upgrading other guild buildings, the footstone must be first upgraded.

Guild House: These are classified as Common Tent, Senior House and Luxurious House. They can be constructed at the same time. Along with the increase of the building level, the guild’s maximum population can also increase to up to 100 members.

Building Name - Increase population number - Max Building Level
Common Tent - Increases 1 member with each level increase - 10
Senior House - Increases 2 members with each level increase - 10
Luxurious House - Increases 3 members with each level increase - 10

2. Guild Altar
In the game, players can worship Apollo, Demeter, Hermes, Hephaestus, Hades, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hestia, Poseidon and Artemis and create Guild Altars to make offerings to them. In the meantime, players can obtain ability bonuses from these Gods.

Level\God - Apollo - Demeter - Hermes - Hephaestus - Hades
Level 1 Max MP+100 HP Restoration Speed+40 Max HP+500 Physical Attack+135 Hit Rating+24
Level 2 Max MP+120 HP Restoration Speed+48 Max HP+600 Physical Attack+162 Hit Rating+28
Level 3 Max MP+140 HP Restoration Speed+56 Max HP+700 Physical Attack+189 Hit Rating+33
Level 4 Max MP+160 HP Restoration Speed+64 Max HP+800 Physical Attack+216 Hit Rating+38
Level 5 Max MP+180 HP Restoration Speed+72 Max HP+900 Physical Attack+243 Hit Rating+43
Level 6 Max MP+200 HP Restoration Speed+80 Max HP+100 Physical Attack+270 Hit Rating+48
Level 7 Max MP+230 HP Restoration Speed+92 Max HP+1150 Physical Attack+310 Hit Rating+55
Level 8 Max MP+260 HP Restoration Speed+104 Max HP+1300 Physical Attack+351 Hit Rating+62
Level 9 Max MP+290 HP Restoration Speed+115 Max HP+1450 Physical Attack+391 Hit Rating+69
Level 10 Max MP+320 HP Restoration Speed+128 Max HP+1600 Physical Attack+432 Hit Rating+76
Level 11 Max MP+360 HP Restoration Speed+144 Max HP+1800 Physical Attack+486 Hit Rating+86
Level 12 Max MP+400 HP Restoration Speed+160 Max HP+2000 Physical Attack+540 Hit Rating+96

Level\God - Dionysus - Aphrodite - Hestia - Poseidon - Artemis
Level 1 Physical Defense+115 Magical Defense+70 Damage Absorption+50 Magical Attack+105 Dodge Rating+24
Level 2 Physical Defense+138 Magical Defense+84 Damage Absorption+60 Magical Attack+126 Dodge Rating+28
Level 3 Physical Defense+161 Magical Defense+98 Damage Absorption+70 Magical Attack+147 Dodge Rating+33
Level 4 Physical Defense+184 Magical Defense+112 Damage Absorption+80 Magical Attack+168 Dodge Rating+38
Level 5 Physical Defense+207 Magical Defense+126 Damage Absorption+90 Magical Attack+189 Dodge Rating+43
Level 6 Physical Defense+230 Magical Defense+140 Damage Absorption+100 Magical Attack+210 Dodge Rating+48
Level 7 Physical Defense+264 Magical Defense+161 Damage Absorption+115 Magical Attack+241 Dodge Rating+55
Level 8 Physical Defense+299 Magical Defense+182 Damage Absorption+130 Magical Attack+273 Dodge Rating+62
Level 9 Physical Defense+333 Magical Defense+203 Damage Absorption+145 Magical Attack+304 Dodge Rating+69
Level 10 Physical Defense+368 Magical Defense+224 Damage Absorption+160 Magical Attack+336 Dodge Rating+76
Level 11 Physical Defense+414 Magical Defense+252 Damage Absorption+180 Magical Attack+378 Dodge Rating+86
Level 12 Physical Defense+460 Magical Defense+280 Damage Absorption+200 Magical Attack+420 Dodge Rating+96

3. Special Altar
God Altar: A guild cannot construct advanced altars until their God Altar has been built. The God Altar may bring more ability bonuses to the players.

4. Advanced Altar Released later

5. Functional Building Released later

6. Building Consumption
It will consume guild money to construct guild buildings. The higher level of the building, the more money that will be used.

Make offerings to Gods:
1. Players can use contribution points to make offerings to their Gods. 1 contribution point equals 1 point offering.
2. The more offerings are made, the more bonuses that the players will gain. Also this means that more offerings will be consumed per hour.
3. The God Altar will only endow bonuses to players who have made offering to Gods.
Even if players only make 1 point offering to God Altar, they can also gain bonuses.
4. 1000 point offerings will increase the relevant ability by 1%.

Offer - Gods - Contribution Points - Consume Contribution point per hour - Gods Bonuses Consumption
0~10000 50 Gods Bonuses reduced by 1% every 20 hours
10001~30000 120 Gods Bonuses reduced by 1% every 8 hours
30001~60000 320 Gods Bonuses reduced by 1% every 3 hours
60001~90000 800 Gods Bonuses reduced by 1% every 1.2 hours
90001~120000 1600 Gods Bonuses reduced by 1% every half hour
120001~10000000 4000 Gods Bonuses reduced by 4% every half hour

Contribution points can be exchanged for the equivalent offerings.

Altar Bonus: Basic bonus X (God Altar Bonus + Offering/100000), the upper limit of the Altar Bonus is the 1.5 times that of the Basic bonus.

Guild Quests
Guild members may complete guild quests several times each day and gain Guild Gold, Guild Silver and Guild Contribution, which will be of great help not only for their guild, but also for their personal development. Thus, it is crucial to complete guild quests.

Guild Donation
1. Donate Silver to obtain the corresponding Guild Contribution and Guild Silver. The ratio is 1:1.
2. Donate Gold, E-Gold to obtain the corresponding Guild Contribution and Guild Gold. For contribution, the ratio is 1:100, but 1:1 for Guild Gold.

Guild Welfare
Find the “Devoted Acolyte” in the main city and claim offerings 10 times a week. The record will be reverted back to 0 on every Saturday.

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