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Title System

Post  Shinea on Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:27 am

Players in GodsWar Online can win distinct titles by leveling up, finishing quests and improving attributes. As players develop, they can get more and more exalted titles. Next, we'd like to give you a comprehensive preview of these special titles.

1.Leveling Titles
Leveling up and improving attack ability is the only way to obtain this type of title. On seeing such a title, players can roughly know the target's level and attack ability, so don't launch a PK randomly.

Leveling Title Table

Lvl: 40+ --- Atk: 250 --- Man of Valor
Lvl: 60+ --- Atk: 600 --- Defender of Justice
Lvl: 80+ --- Atk: 1400 --- Conquest Pioneer
Lvl: 100+ --- Atk: 2400 ---Battle Expert

Lvl: 40+ --- Atk: 300 --- Wolf's Blood
Lvl: 60+ --- Atk: 800 --- Tiger's Power
Lvl: 80+ --- Atk: 1800 --- Lion's Heart
Lvl: 100+ --- Atk: 2800 --- Dragon Slayer

Lvl: 40+ --- Atk: 180 --- Nature's Favor
Lvl: 60+ --- Atk: 400 --- Thunder Hit
Lvl: 80+ --- Atk: 900 --- Holy Spirit
Lvl: 100+ --- Atk: 1800 --- Luna's Guide

Lvl: 40+ --- Atk: 220 --- Star Ray
Lvl: 60+ --- Atk: 500 --- Burning Soul
Lvl: 80+ --- Atk: 1100 --- Raging Force
Lvl: 100+ --- Atk: 2100 --- Fire Guardian

2.Quest Titles
Quest titles can only be obtained by completing quests. As there are a variety of quests in GodsWar Online, players can choose to do whatever they like. Please note that some special quests will bring honorable titles to you.

Quest Title Table

Quest Name: Commission
Quest Level: 10
Title: Spartan Soldier

Quest Name: List As Wanted 1
Quest Level: 25
Title: Bug Killer

Quest Name: List As Wanted 3
Quest Level: 56
Title: Wolf Killer

Quest Name: Hero's Trial 1
Quest Level: 70
Title: Hero's Path

Quest Name: Hero's Trial 5
Quest Level: 90
Title: Spartan Warrior

Quest Name: List As Wanted 7
Quest Level: 100
Title: Bounty Hunter

3.Attribute Titles
When players' attributes reach a certain level, they will gain an attribute title. It is not easy to obtain such a title as the requirement is sometimes high. In general, players who have an attribute title are very respectable in the game. Would you like to be the focus of everybody's attention? Try to obtain one!

Attribute Title Table

HP: 20000
Lion's Blood

HP: 32000
Dragon's Soul

Physical Attack: 3600

Physical Attack: 4500
Revered Lord

Magical Attack: 2800
Messenger of Doom

Magical Attack: 3500
Deity Wraith

Physical Defense: 2000
Iron Bastion

Physical Defense: 2600
Heavenly Shield

Magical Defense: 1300
Magical Barrier

Magical Defense: 1800
God's Compassion

Hit Rating: 500

Hit Rating: 650
Deadly Strike

Dodge Rating: 500
Fighting Falcon

Dodge Rating: 650
Incredibly Flexible

Damage Absorption: 900
Cool as Ice

Damage Absorption: 1300
Blessed Light

Once players meet the requirements, players may find the "Title Expert" at Athenian Atticus Theater or Spartan Ares Square and claim a corresponding title from him.

Imagine how charming and attractive you will be if you own such a noble title. Anything is possible, and just work harder and practise more; we are convinced that you will become an eye-catching star with a revered title soon. More wonderful contents will be released later. Come and join GodsWar Online!

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